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BY THE EDITORIAL TEAM | @The_CBNews | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | JUN 12, 2021

Feedback from you, our reader is the fuel that pumps us up. It stimulates us to bring out your issues with accuracy and depth. We would love it, for you to read our content and see yourself and your community fairly represented. Thank you for the positive feedback, critic and your continued support for The Citizen Bulletin. We look forward to your continued engagement and feedback.

BULAWAYO (The Citizen Bulletin)Here goes issue 18.

“No woman should die while giving birth,” is a common statement often said after a maternal mortality case has been reported. In our cover story, we highlight how maternity shelters meant to reduce this mortality come with their own challenges which prove difficult to bear for some pregnant women. It is our fervent hope that birth pangs be limited to the natural labour process and not extend to poor access to health facilities and/or their dilapidation. Pregnancy should not be fearful or bring anxiety to a would-be mother, as a society there’s so much more we can do, to preserve the lives of pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Access to quality healthcare remains a challenge for many communities in Matabeleland and in this issue, beyond maternal care, is the very important vaccination rollout program. The vaccines have run out! Not only that, in parts of Matabeleland North, the headaches, inconveniences and even safety risks associated with travelling to the nearest health care centre prove to be a major hindrance for citizens actually willing to be inoculated. What shall we say, therefore? We implore the relevant stakeholders to please bring the vaccines to the people, particularly to rural folk.

We also cover how a township in Filabusi has for two decades endured perennial sewer challenges in their community. Service provision remains one of the issues The Citizen Bulletin takes an interest in, promises to fix this challenge have been made, we look forward to reporting on their fulfilment.

In the past, folk have lost their homes in the name of development and new projects, are we to see a repeat of this? Hopefully not—A thermal expansion in Hwange will relocate families and promises have been made to ensure this happens as seamlessly as possible. The Citizen Bulletin will also be watching this space.

Also, to look out for in this edition is how women’s voices are being amplified through focus groups in Tsholotsho. Gender equality and emancipation of women is being seen at play here, the result? A more democratic society that values each and every one!

Happy Reading,

The Editorial Team