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Top Singer Dares Zimbabweans To Vote "To Fix Our Challenges"

Martin Sibanda of the Ndolwane Super Sounds fame has urged Zimbabweans to vote so that they liberate themselves from the country's problems. 

Zesa Warns Of More Power Cuts

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has warned of imminent power outages which the company says have been exacerbated by cyclone-induced floods across the country. 

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What does it mean to strengthen citizen participation in local governance and why is it important?

Citizen participation in local governance involves ordinary citizens assessing their own needs and participating in local project planning and budget monitoring. It is important for improving public resource management and reducing corruption, by making public servants and political leaders accountable to the people.

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The Citizen: An Arab immigrant's story on the big screen

ROYAL OAK — If you win the lottery, you hold on to the winning ticket. That's exactly what Ibrahim Jarrah, the main character in the movie "The Citizen," did. He won the International Green Card Lottery for permanent resident status in the United States, and stuck to his chance to become an American citizen despite the hardships and terrible strikes of bad luck.

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